Paperback edition of my book available now!

So, I just received from the printers the paperback edition of my book! This is quite an interesting experience – being self-published, the printed books come to my house, instead of heading off to a publisher, and then from there to brick-and-mortar bookstores. My decision to go primarily into e-books from the beginning still holds – it’s just that a lot of my family and friends prefer to read hard-copy books. It’s really for them that I went and had a bunch of paperback books printed locally. And I do understand why – I personally also find it easier to read physical books than e-books. Eventually, though, I think we’ll all have to make the switch.

Discussions with bookstores to carry these are ongoing, I’ll update here once the book becomes available in stores! For now, you can get your hands on one of them by dropping me an email at Each book costs S$10/-.

Book arrived

Do get yourself a copy or two today, you won’t regret it! The responses and reviews from people who have finished it are very positive (the book’s been out less than a month, so reviews are only starting to come in):

Reviews on Goodreads

Reviews on Amazon

Reviews on Amazon Australia

You can also check out the free sample chapters on AmazonKobo, and other e-book stores.



3 thoughts on “Paperback edition of my book available now!

  1. Hi Michael I just read your book recently. It was rather engaging,with many hillarious pop culture references and interesting story line. I’m a fan of LOTR too,so I quite liked the portrayal of elves,dwarves,orcs etc The chemistry between Elai and Creep is very convincing,and I kinda liked the bibilical allusions. Hope that your next book will be just as interesting. Hopefully you can expand more on the various plot themes in this story(Assassins guild,Emperor,Elai’s destiny ,Rogurn etc)


    • Hi Zhi Han… glad you like the book! Yes, the next book, Storm on the Sand, which will be out at the end of August, explores the Assassin’s Guild much more, as well as delves deeper into Elai’s past. And, most of all, Rogurn makes a first appearance! Stay tuned! -Michael.


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