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If you’re looking for a fun yet deep book for teens and young adults, do check out my new epic fantasy novel:

Book arrived

Ever had one of those days when your parents get murdered by assassins from another planet, and your toothbrush tells you to head for an ancient castle, to shut down a dangerous inter-dimensional portal? Yeah, me too. That was last Monday.

Turns out, there’s a war going on in a land that I have to get to, through a portal to another planet. These big, mean monsters are rampaging all over, killing everyone in their path.

Apparently, I was born in that land, and some people think I’m the only one that can stop those monsters. Which is quite a laugh, actually, since I can’t even stop myself from being bullied on playgrounds.

So, armed with only my trusty schoolbag and a magical toothbrush, I head there to find out what destiny has in store for me.

Elai Nelson and the Prophecy of the Child is a young adult fantasy book, charting the hilarious and whimsical journey of a 16-year old city kid, as he journeys through a mystical realm and battles enemies, humans and monsters alike, with his smarts, his courage, and a backpack full of toys.

You can get your hands on a paperback version by dropping me an email at Each book costs S$10/-.

You can also get the e-book version at  AmazonKobo, and other e-book stores. Free sample chapters are available there if you want to read a little first before committing.

Do get yourself a copy or two today, you won’t regret it! Here are some comments and reviews from those who have finished the book:

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